2017-2018 All Star Teams Start May 1, 2017!

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Jason Powledge


Jason Powledge directs/owns the Texas RockStars All Star Cheer & Tumbling program. He has been a cheer coach/choreographer for 19 yrs, including 4 yrs at the prestigious Campbell Hall HS in Los Angeles. He has coached several winning cheer teams, including TRS’ Jr team that won at the 2013 NCA Nationals. He was a competitive gymnast, a gymnastics coach, and cheered and danced for the Houston Rockets, Houston Comets, and Un. of Houston, where he graduated. He has performed in projects for Marc Anthony, Pink, RU, Britney Spears, and Weird Al in a VH1 Awards show. He was a lead dancer in productions for the LA Opera & LA’s Hooray for Bollywood.

Max Jaramillo


Max Jaramillo has coached at Texas RockStars for 5 yrs and has been an All-Star Cheerleading coach (8 yrs). He has coached several championship cheer teams, including the TRS Jr team that won at the 2013 NCA Nationals. He has worked as a girls’ team gymnastics coach and a tumbling instructor (12 yrs). He was a San Jacinto College cheerleader (2 yrs), an All-Star competitive cheerleader (3 yrs), and a competitive gymnast (5 yrs).

Michele Mitchell-Calvillo


Michele Mitchell-Calvillo joined TRS in 2014. An All-Star cheer coach/choreographer for 18 yrs, she also is an individual cheer choreographer. She was head coach at University Cheer (14 yrs) & Prodigy (1 yr), a UH cheerleader (4 yrs), 2001 UH Small-Coed NCA Collegiate Nat. Champion member, NCA Coll. All-American (4 yrs), Houston Comets dancer (1 yr), competitive gymnast (8 yrs), UCA HS All-Star (4 yrs), & a UH graduate.

Tara Mitchell


Tara Mitchell joined TRS in 2014 and has 16 yrs experience in coaching All-Star Cheerleading. She was a coach at University Cheer (13 yrs) and Prodigy (1 yr). She was a University of Houston cheerleader, NCA Collegiate All-American, a competitive gymnast (10 yrs), and a UCA HS All-Star (3 yrs).

Cory Denena


Cory Denena joined TRS in 2013 & has been a cheer coach for 18 yrs. She owned Cheer Tricks (2 yrs), where she was a cheerleading/tumbling instructor, choreographer, and head coach for cheer & dance teams that won TCFA cheer & dance grand championships. She cheered for NCA staff (1 yr), SHSU (1 yr), TVCC (1 yr), & Klein HS (4 yrs).  She was an NCA Small Var. HS Nat. Champion member, NCA Coed Nat. Collegiate Champion member, NCA individual top 20, & a 4-time NCA All-American Cheerleader.

Devante Freeman


Devante Freeman joined TRS in 2014 and was a University of Houston cheerleader (3 yrs, large and small coed). He was an All-Star Cheerleader (3 yrs, Levels 3, 4 and 5); an All-Star Cheerleading coach (4 yrs);  a HS & JH coach (2 yrs); a gymnastics power tumbling & trampoline coach (4 yrs, many state, regional and national champions); a HS and JH tryout judge (2 yrs); and is involved with the spirit industry (7 yrs).

Kayla Holbert


Kayla Holbert joined TRS in 2014. She helped coach a special needs team (3 yrs) & a dance team (2 yrs). She cheered 15 yrs for University Cheer & Tx Lonestar Cheer, and 3 yrs for Clear Springs HS. She was a 3-time All-American Cheerleader, 2-time NCA Champion, & one-time World Champion, and has danced for 12 yrs.

D'andra Flores


D’Andra Flores, a tumbling coach for 3 yrs, has coached at TRS for 1 yr. She was a competitive gymnast (5 yrs); competitive cheerleader (10 yrs); 4-time NCA All-American cheerleader; an NCA top All-Am.; 3-time NCA Collegiate All-Am.; 2-time NCA Coll. Nat. Champion; Navarro College cheerleader (2 yrs); Stephen F. Austin large coed cheerleader (1 yr); member of Cheer Athletics’ Pumas team that won NCA level 6 Int’l open-coed National Championship; HS cheerleader (4 yrs); and judged HS and Jr High tryouts (4 yrs).

Jennifer Holbert


Jennifer Holbert, TRS’ Special Stars coach, has been coaching special needs teams for 10 yrs at TRS and University Cheer. She has been a special needs dance director since 2006, and has 36 yrs dance experience. Her special needs program has been featured on many local TV programs and in print media.

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